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195 Options Pricing Calc Image small
Options Pricing Calculator | Trading Tools

Research an option contract's Greeks and implied volatility. Forecast theoretical values and compare them to current bid/ask prices. And change variables to reflect your market forecast — all in an intuitive, easily understood format.

620 Profit + Loss Calc Image small
Profit + Loss Calculator | Trading Tools

Get a thorough and visual understanding of your option trade’s profit and loss potential - before you place it.

422 Probability Calculator Image small
Options Probability Calculator | Trading Tools

Our Probability Calculator can help you estimate your probability of success for any options strategy. Just pick your underlying security and select up to two target prices. You can adjust variables like volatility, interest rates, dividends and more. The Probability Calculator shows you the statistical odds of your trade either touching your targets or finishing below, between, or above them. You'll also see the prices representing one, two and three standard deviations for the underlying security.