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Quotes and Tools FAQs

  • How do I enable my account for real-time quotes?

    You can set-up your account for free real-time refreshable quotes under My Accounts > Settings > Real-Time Quotes. Click on the box next to Use Real-Time Quotes and hit Save. Once activated, you will receive real-time quotes, charts and options chains. Your Watch list and Holdings will also then provide refreshable to real-time data.
  • What kind of research is available on individual companies?

    Quotes, charts, company news, earnings, fundamentals, financials and insider trading information are all available from Quotes & Research > Stocks area of the website.

  • Does TradeKing offer any screening tools?

    Yes. From the Tools > Screeners area of the website, the following screeners are available to all customers: stock screener, ETF screener, mutual fund screener, options scanner and an options strategy scanner.

  • What kind of Technical Analysis research is available?

    From the Technical Analysis home page (Quotes & Research > Stocks > Technical Analysis), the following information can be found:

    Today's Top Bullish/Bearish Events, a Technical Event Screener, the ability to look up any stock/ETF and review recent technical events, the ability to set alerts which are triggered off of technical events, a technical strategy builder and extensive Technical Analysis education.

  • Are there any tools available for streaming real-time quotes?

    Yes, all TradeKing customers that execute at least one trade per year or maintain a balance of $2500 will have free access to TradeKing LIVE. Quotestream is also available to customers that trade more than 10 times per month.

    For more information on these platforms, please visit:

  • What kind of option tools are available?

    TradeKing offers an extensive suite of tools for option traders. These include: option chains, volatility charts, pricing calculator, probability calculator, P&L calculator, an options scanner and an options strategy scanner. These tools are available to all customers for free.

    These tools can be found from the Tools > Options area of the website

  • Can I set up price alerts?

    Yes. From any stock quote page, select the link "Set Alert" located directly below the stock name. Clicking on the set alert link will take you to the alert center with the stock you were researching in focus.

  • What are the symbols of the main indices?

    Dow Jones Industrial: DJI

    Nasdaq: COMP

    S&P 500: SPX

    Russell 2000: RUT

    Volatility S&P 500: VIX