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Trader Network FAQs

  • What's the best way to get started?

    As a TradeKing account holder, you're already registered for the TradeKing Trader Network. Just click the Trader Network Home tab and start exploring. Dive in to anything you like, but on your way you might want to hit these 3 main features of the Trader Network:
    1. Tell the Trader Network about yourself.
    Go to My Admin > Settings and tell us a little about yourself. You can fill out as much or as little information as you like. You can define your preferred trading strategies and investing goals, tell the Trader Network about yourself, upload a photo, or add a few of your favorite links to share with others - it'll enable like-minded traders to seek you out. You can control what information about yourself is public, too.
    2. Share your Certified Trades.
    Go to My Admin > Settings > Trade Settings to publish your real-time log of trades placed in your TradeKing account. Certified Trade data adds an extra level of transparency to our Trader Network, so you can prove your trading chops - and know who's worth listening to.
    3. Go straight for the Trading Activity.
    Trader Network Home > Trading Activity gives you the complete buzz on what folks in our Trader Network are trading today and why. If you've already got a stock, option or ETF in mind, just plug it into the search bar. If you're just looking for a stock with some recent action, Trading Activity gives you a nice summary of the most actively traded stocks among TradeKing traders.
  • Can I protect my privacy while participating in the Trader Network?

    Yes, you can. You control what information is visible about you and your account activity.
    To hide your personal data, go to My Admin > Settings. In the TradeKing Trader Network, you choose how much information you want to share. It starts with your display name. This is the name that you will be known by to all through the TradeKing Trader Network. You can also share or hide your trades, share/contract amount of your trades, your TradeKing account holdings, your TradeKing position sizes, and your City, State and Zip. You can fill out as much or as little of your profile information as you like. The choice is yours.
  • What does "Share my trades with the Trader Network" mean?

    Sharing your trades allows you to publish trades executed in your TradeKing account to the TradeKing Trader Network. It's a stamp of credibility as you discuss trading strategies within our Trader Network - or just use it for bragging rights.
    To share your trades, go to My Admin > Settings > Trade Settings, then check the boxes next to "Share my trades with the Trader Network". This will share the trades for the account you chose with the Trader Network. You can also choose whether you share the size of your trades, as well as sharing your trading history.
    We encourage all TradeKing Trader Network members to turn on their Certified Trades, since it improves transparency for all members - but if you'd rather not share, don't worry. We still want you to explore with us.
  • What's a Trade Note?

    Trade Notes are essentially memos about why you placed a trade. They can serve as notes to yourself or as explanations to the larger TradeKing Trader Network about why you chose to pull the trigger on a particular security.
    Since choosing to trade always reflects a decisive point in your strategy, conversations around those decisions are some of the richest and most interesting content our Trader Network offers.
  • How do I add a Trade Note to my trade?

    Go to My Admin to quickly add a trade note to any of your last five trades. For older trades, choose My Admin > Trade Notes. You'll see a list of all your trades, which you can sort by trade type or position.
    Trade Notes may be edited within 24 hours of being posted. We limit the amount of time you can edit them to make sure no one can claim market prescience.
    Other users may ask you to explain your trade. Their Trade Note Requests will appear in your Inbox. You can respond by publishing a public trade note or simply reply privately to that user.
  • How long after my trade do I have to add a Trade Note?

    You may add a Trade Note at any point following the trade, but once you do, you only have 24 hours to edit the note.
  • What's a blog - and how is it different from a message board?

    A weblog - blog for short - is a new way practically anyone can publish original content to the web. Blogs range from personal diaries to active communities of writers, or bloggers, discussing a certain topic. Most blogs allow other users to comment on each other's posts, creating a dynamic discussion on a topic involving many different users.
    Unlike message boards, you don't have to visit the board's website to read what's new - although you certainly can do it that way. Most blog software formats your content into a feed type called Really Simple Syndication (RSS). RSS means that, when you publish a new blog entry, you're not just creating one web new page. Your content can "broadcast" to other users who've subscribed to your blog feed. Those users can receive your update on a newsreader - like the Subscriptions tab on My Admin in TradeKing - or just publish your content as part of their own web page.
    RSS technology is why blog content can disseminate so quickly. Message boards let you interact with other users, but they don't re-distribute content with such speed or automation.
  • How can I start writing my own blog using TradeKing?

    Simply go to My Admin and click the Blogs tab. Then fill out a title for your post, type a few quick lines, and add a few tags to help your article find the right Trader Network Members. Then click the Submit button to publish. Don't forget to add a few tags to help people find your blog easier.
  • What is "commenting" on a blog?

    When you add a comment to a blog, you're basically striking up a dynamic discussion around a blog entry you've read. Anyone can chime in, from the original blogger to other readers.
    To add a comment to a user's blog, first click on the comments link under the blog post.
    All comments on that post will display. Scroll down, and you'll see a form where you can enter your comment.
  • How will I know if someone comments on my blog?

    By default, you will receive an email any time another TradeKing Trader Network Member sends you a private message, comments on your blog or Trade Note, or requests a Trade Note on a trade you've placed. You can change your email preferences at any time by going to My Admin > Settings > Email Settings.
  • What's a forum?

    Forums - also known as message boards - offer users a common place online to meet and discuss topics that interest all of them. Discussions are usually organized by threads, so that users can start a new thread or chime in on an existing one.
    Forums are usually moderated by a Trader Network manager, and all users are required to follow a TradeKing Rules and Guidelines, as well as the TradeKing Trader Network's Terms of Service.
    Forums are different from blogs in that users have to visit the forum URL to see what's new. To check out what's new on a blog, you can visit the blog URL or "subscribe" to receive that blog's updates on a newsreader - or even publish that blog as part of your own website.
  • How can I get involved in forum discussions on TradeKing?

    Just click on the Trader Network Home > Forums, then search or browse for a forum discussion that matches your interests. You can also sort discussions to view more recent threads or according to certain categories.
    When you find a discussion you like, click on its title to view all comments. To add your own reply, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and then click "Submit".
  • What are subscriptions?

    The Subscriptions tab on My Admin is a centralized place where you can view updates for all the sites you follow, as soon as they've happened - without wasting time visiting multiple websites or blogs. You'll always have the very latest news, all on a single screen.
  • What does the green "Follow" icon do?

    Following allows you to subscribe to updates on a blog, forum topic or member. By following an item, new updates will automatically be sent to you via your Trader Feed. You can see your followed items by going to Trader Network Home > Trader Feed. The Trader Feed aggregates all topics for items you're following, stocks you're holding and stocks on your watchlist. Additionally, following allows you to be emailed when a new item, such as a trade is available.
    For example, you can follow another member's trades, and be alerted each time they place a trade. Or, you can follow a specific stock and be alerted when a blog or trade note is written. Following allows you to customize what content you want to receive and how you receive it.
  • How do I connect with like-minded traders?

    There are lots of ways to find traders who share your interests.
    You can search for traders by various criteria using the search bar in the upper-right hand corner of your screen.
    You can browse to find users who share your interests, too. If you read a blog post or trade note from a certain user, click on that user's profile image to learn more. From there, you can explore that user's Trades, Trade Notes, Blogs and much more.
    If you click on the Details tab of any user's profile, you can see that user's preferred trading strategies, investment objectives, and other information.
    Check out most active users, too. Users whose blog posts or trade notes have received lots of votes or lots of comments are probably right on the money in other ways, too. You can check out their Trades and other information on their profiles to learn more.
    Don't forget to complete your profile, so users can find you! More detailed information will help like-minded traders find and connect with you.
  • How will like-minded traders find me?

    It all starts with your activity: if you complete your user profile and add a trade note or two to your trades as you make them, that's a great way to "stick your toe" into the Trader Network and see who reaches out. Remember: adding detail to your profile will help like-minded traders find and connect with you.
    You might get messages or trade note requests from users who've found you on the TradeKing Trader Network and are curious about what you've been trading lately. If you're a veteran trader, don't be surprised if folks contact you looking for advice or tips on a strategy you've had frequent success with.
    Check My Admin to see if anyone new has contacted you.
  • What does "TradeKing Account Holder" mean?

    Because this user has opened a brokerage account with us, TradeKing knows he or she is a real person with valid email and mailing addresses.
    TradeKing brokerage account customers, like this user, can publish actual data about their trading activity, straight to their blogs. Certified Trades publishes key stats about each trade placed in this user's TradeKing account. (Certified Trades does not include trades placed in other brokerage accounts.)
    Certified Trading lets you prove your trading chops, know who's king, and who's just bluffing.
  • What does "Network Account Holder" mean?

    Trader Network users who do not have a TradeKing brokerage account are restricted to the following free of charge:
    • Write a personalized TradeKing blogs
    • Connect with like-minded traders in our Trader Network
    • Customize their newsreaders

    You won't see Certified Trades information for these users, though, so keep this in mind as you read comments or blog entries. TradeKing's information about these users is also limited to the username and email information they provide upon registration.
    To prove your trading chops to the world, open a TradeKing account and turn on Certified Trades now.
  • What does "TradeKing Staff Member" mean?

    This user works for TradeKing as a staff member, either full-time or as a paid consultant.
    Everything this user posts is subject to internal approval by TradeKing's compliance officer before it goes live to the public - which results occasionally in some response delay. Because TradeKing offers no investment advice, staff members are not allowed to make specific recommendations about any security or trading strategy, on their blogs or anywhere else.
    If you have an account-related question, we're happy to help - but not all of us are FINRA-registered representatives. Email or call us at 877.495.5464 for fastest assistance.