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Stocks, Bonds, Options, Futures

by Stuart R. Veale

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A classic guide to the securities markets, revised to reflect the realities of a new millennium. In the past decade, the complicated world of investing has changed dramatically. Stocks, Bonds, Options, Futures is now thoroughly revised and updated to help novice financial professionals and individual investors navigate this daunting new financial terrain with confidence. Stuart Veale, an investment industry veteran and respected author, provides an insider's look at the market realities of today and tomorrow.

This reliable resource examines the impact of recent developments and current trends in the various securities markets. Among the topics Veale covers and has updated in this second edition are:

  • The adoption of the Euro
  • Changes in the way OTC orders are executed
  • The various types of securities, including money market instruments, U.S. Treasury Securities, bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and stocks
  • Real world applications of the various types of derivative instruments, including forward contracts, futures contracts, swap contracts, option contracts, and security indices
  • The varied approaches to analyzing stocks, such as top down, bottom up, technical, and walk around, as well as the debate over how to get an "edge" on the market
  • Creating a balanced portfolio

Filled with extensive charts and graphics, plus recommendations of helpful websites for research and technical tools, Stocks, Bonds, Options, Futures remains an unparalleled primer and a valuable resource for a better understanding of the new world of securities.

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