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Live Events

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    Monday Option Blitz
    Every Monday, at 12:00pm ET (Except Holidays)

    Grab your lunch and spend 15 minutes with former CBOE market maker Dan Sheridan of Sheridan Options Mentoring, and TradeKing Senior Option Analyst Brian Overby, as they team up for the weekly Option Blitz. Join us for Dan’s potential trade set-up and Brian’s analysis for the week. Don’t miss it! Every Monday midday from 12:00 – 12:15pm ET.

  • Every
    Tuesday Midday Market Call
    Every Tuesday, at 12:00pm ET (Except Holidays)

    Get solid market analysis and potential trading ideas. Take 15 minutes of your lunch with Barron’s columnist and Chartered Market Technician, Michael Kahn of Quick Takes Pro, and TradeKing Option Guy Brian Overby, as they analyze the market during this live online session. As an added bonus, Michael shares the Quick Takes Pro “Chart of the Day” and Brian discusses at least one option trade. This might be the most valuable thing you do all week! Every Tuesday midday from 12:00 - 12:15pm ET.

  • Tue
    Mar 3
    Climbing the Market with an Option Ladder
    Tuesday, March 3rd, at 2:30pm ET

    For income focused investors, covered calls may offer a valuable investment tool, but did you know this strategy can also be included as part of a larger investment approach? In fact, when combined with cash management techniques, they may become a powerful tool to create sustained yields in a variety of market conditions. In this webinar, Shelley Seagler of Snider Advisors will review the risks and rewards in borrowing a strategy from the fixed income world, one that may help to manage downside risk and capitalize on long-term income. You’ll learn the concepts of this unique process as well as receive step-by-step instruction. Participants will be offered a free Special Report relating to the course topic that they can download from Snider Advisors’ website.

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