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All Trade Finder Tools

1298 Trade Streamer
Real-Time Trade Stream | Trading Resources

Watch the latest trades in stocks, options and ETFs scroll by, in real-time.

1299 Trader Feed
Trader Feed | Trading Resources

Keep tabs on your favorite TradeKing traders: what they’re trading, talking about, and more.

1290 Mutual Fund screener small image
Mutual Fund Screener | Trading Tools

Pin-point the right mutual fund for your investing goals. Create customized screens based on your own search criteria.

1291 Bond Finder
Bond Finder | Trading Tools

Your one-click access to current yields on bonds over various timeframes.

1292 Fixed Income Center
Fixed Income Center | Trading Tools

Find your ideal fixed-income strategy, whether short- or long-term.

1293 Trader Network Trade Notes
Trade Notes | Trading Resources

Explain your rationale and goals for every trade – and get valuable feedback from others.

1294 Most frequently traded
Most Frequently Traded | Trading Resources

Your real-time window into the latest trading action in stocks, options and ETFs.

1295 Most widely held
Most Widely Held | Trading Resources

See the stocks, options and ETFs most widely held by TradeKing clients right now.

613 Research Reports
Research Reports | Trading Tools

Scour the market for new investment ideas with MarketGrader research.

614 Option Chains Image
Option Chains | Trading Tools

Find the right option for your trade with our powerful, flexible Options Chains – perfect for beginning to advanced traders.

617 Technical Analysis Image small
Technical Analysis | Trading Tools

Powered by Recognia, our Technical Analysis suite spots emerging chart patterns to help you find your next great trade.

619 ETF Center Image
ETF Center | Trading Tools

Tap into the latest market activity in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), including most-actives, top performers and more.

622 Options Scanner
Options Scanner | Trading Tools

Scan a universe of over 150,000 option contracts to help find your potential trade.

623 Option Strategy Scanner Image
Options Strategy Scanner | Trading Tools

Find the right basic or advanced options strategy to meet your specific criteria.

624 New Stock Screener Image
Stock Screener | Trading Tools

It’s never been easier to find stocks that suit your investing objectives. Design and save your own custom screens to find exactly what you want.

625 New ETF Screener Image Small
ETF Screener | Trading Tools

Find the right exchanged-traded fund (ETF) to match your market outlook or sector interest.

1331 Auto Trade Image
Auto Trading | Trading Tools

TradeKing’s AutoTrade service lets you automate trade signals from your favorite investment newsletter in your TradeKing account.