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Option Chains Tutorial Series
Part 2: Calls & Puts Chain

by TradeKing Video Tutorials
recorded on September 1st, 2011
Video Description:

TradeKing offers 19 different option chains, 14 of which are strategy-based – which means it’s easy to find bid, ask and mid-point quotes, implied volatility and delta for single options or for a complex strategy.

Select the option or strategy you want to trade directly from the chain, and the order entry screen will be pre-populated for you. Even complex option strategies can be traded with just a click or two.

Our modeling chains, "Call Calc" and "Put Calc", give you the Greeks for a specific option, and estimate future option prices for the entire chain. You choose your pricing model — Black-Scholes or Binomial.

Option Chains Tutorial Series

Part I: Overview & Customization
Part II: Calls & Puts Chain
Part III: Strategy Chains
Run Time: 
Less than 10 minutes