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Probability Calculator Tutorial Series
Part 3: Setting Target Prices

by TradeKing Video Tutorials
recorded on September 1st, 2011
Video Description:

Our Probability Calculator can help you estimate your probability of success for any options strategy. Just pick your underlying security and select up to two target prices. You can adjust variables like volatility, interest rates, dividends and more. The Probability Calculator shows you the statistical odds of your trade either touching your targets or finishing below, between, or above them. You'll also see the prices representing one, two and three standard deviations for the underlying security.

The flexible, intuitive interface makes the Probability Calculator suitable for both novice and advanced users. You'll want to use it before every trade you make.

Probability Calculator Tutorial Series

Part I - Overview
Part II - Customization
Part III - Setting Target Prices
Part IV - Introduction to Standard Deviation

Run Time: 
Less than 10 minutes