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Accounts FAQs

  • Is there an account minimum?

    No. At TradeKing there are no account minimums.
  • Do you offer a demo account?

    We do not offer a demo accounts. You may open an account to test all the features and tools that are available, with the exception of placing trades. No fees of any kind are charged for this access, nor is there a minimum balance to maintain for cash and retirement accounts. Margin accounts must have a balance of $2000 or more.
  • Do you offer a paper trading account?

    We do not offer paper trading at this time. But there is no cost nor any minimum required to open a real TradeKing account. Also, all TradeKing tools are free. Click here to open a real account now.
  • How do I change my address?

    To update your address, please login to the site and go to My Accounts > Settings. Then on the left hand side click on Change Your Address. If the mailing address is different from the physical address, you will need to submit the Change of Address form located here.

    The completed form can be emailed to, faxed to 866-699-0563, uploaded in the forms section of the website while logged into your account, or mailed to us at: TradeKing PO BOX 49050 Charlotte, NC 28277-3432.

  • Will I receive a 1099 Form for my account?

    Consolidated 1099 Forms are provided for regular brokerage accounts that have received dividends, interest payments on cash, insured deposits or money market balances or have reportable sale proceeds. Reportable sale proceeds include: sale of bonds, mutual funds, options, stock, and other corporate securities.

    Please note: Exempt and non-reportable accounts (some entity accounts) will NOT receive a Form 1099 from TradeKing. If you hold one of these account types and would like to request a 1099 Form be generated for your account please send us an email to with "Request for 1099 Form" in the subject line. There is a $50 fee for this service.

    The following accounts will NOT receive a 1099 Form:
    • Accounts that have interest or dividend payments that do not exceed $10.00

    If you did not receive a 1099 Form and feel that your account has met the minimum amounts please send an email to and we will investigate for you.

    Please consult a tax professional regarding your tax preparation questions.
  • When will I receive my 1099 Form for my account and where can I find it?

    Generally, 1099s are available by the end of the third week of February. Click here to visit our tax center for important information about the current tax year. We will notify you by email when your 1099 form is available. At that time, you can find your 1099 under My Account Records. Simply rollover My Accounts and click on My Account Records to access your 1099. Please note that your 1099 will only be available electronically. You will not receive a hardcopy by mail.

  • Do you offer a Cash Sweep Product?

    Yes. TradeKing allows your free cash balances to be automatically swept into an FDIC-insured deposit account. Click here for more information.
  • Do you offer check writing and debit cards?

    Yes. Accounts must maintain an account balance of $10,000 to apply for check writing. Check writing carries a $20 annual fee. Debit cards carry a $35 annual fee. Other restrictions, such as account standing and other account activity, may apply.

    To apply please complete the "Check Writing Debit Card" form and fax to 866-699-0563, email to, upload from your account, or mail it to:

    PO Box 49050
    Charlotte, NC 28277-3432

    The processing of check writing requests and mailing of check books takes about 4 weeks.
  • Do you offer dividend reinvestment (DRIP)?

    Yes. All marginable U.S equities and selected American Depository Receipts (ADR's) priced at $4 or more that trade either on an exchange or quotes on NASDAQ are eligible for DRIP. Dividends are reinvested on your behalf on the dividend payable date by our clearing firm. The reinvested position will reflect in whole and fractional shares. The reinvestment price will be the prevailing market price at the time the order is entered on the payable date.

    We can set up your entire account so that any eligible security that you currently hold will be subject to DRIP. Any eligible securities that you purchase thereafter will be automatically enrolled in DRIP. A security will need to be enrolled for DRIP prior to the ex-dividend date in order for the dividend to be reinvested.

    You can also always request individual positions in your account to be enrolled for DRIP at no charge.
  • Are there special requirements for foreign citizens?

    Most foreign citizens with a valid Social Security Number and legally residing in the USA on a full time basis, may open a TradeKing account. We are unable to open accounts for citizens of the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Bangladesh, Belarus, Benin, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Botswana, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burma, Burundi, Cabo Verde, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Croatia, Cuba, Djibouti, Ecuador, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Serbia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

    US citizens living abroad
    All customers including US citizens must be living in the USA to open a TradeKing account. Exceptions may be made for active military personnel stationed abroad.
  • What fees apply to IRAs?

    TradeKing does not charge an annual fee for maintaining an IRA account. However, the account may be subject to an annual Inactivity Charge. There is also a $50 fee for terminating an IRA or making a full transfer of an IRA out of TradeKing. This termination fee is charged when all funds are removed from the IRA. Performing a full transfer out of TradeKing will result in both a $50 transfer fee and a $50 termination fee. Partial account transfers have a $10 per position charge up to a maximum of $50.
  • For how long are Statements, etc. available online?

    Monthly account statements and trade confirmations for the previous 13 months are available online free of charge under My Accounts > My Account Records > Statements and Documents. You can request a copy of older statements or trade confirmations be mailed to the mailing address on file for your account, or emailed to the email address on file for your account. There is a $4.00 charge for each monthly statement requested. There is a $2.00 charge for each trade confirmation requested. Statement and trade confirmation requests can be submitted via email at, Live Chat, or phone at 877-495-5464. Please make sure you specify the month and year for any monthly statement requested, and the ticker symbol and date for any trade confirmation requested.
  • Can I add another person to my account?

    Once an account is established we cannot add a joint account partner. You can apply for a joint account online under Client Services > Open New Account. Once the joint account has been approved and opened, you can then send us a Journal Form requesting the assets be moved to the new joint account. This form is available online under Client Services > Forms > All Forms. Due to a partial loss of ownership, the Journal Form will need to be submitted back by mail as a notarized original.
  • Does support my browser?

    We actively test changes to the site with 3 major browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). The versions we support are the current major release, and it's predecessor, listed below. We prioritize issues that are encountered by users of these browsers.:
    • Firefox 4.x/3.x for Mac/PC
    • Safari 5.x/4.x for Mac/PC
    • IE 9/8 for PC

    The following browsers are generally compatible with our site and can be used on a regular basis. However, we do not regularly use them to test changes to the site:
    • Google Chrome
    • Opera 8+
    • Flock
    • Netscape 8+
    • WebKit
    • Camino
    • Mozilla
    • Chromium
    • Firefox Linux

    IE 6 support has ended.

    If your browser is not listed above, that means it is currently unsupported, with the exception of IE 7.

    IE7 is the only exception to our "two major versions" policy, at this time we still support this browser version. HOWEVER, we strongly recommend that you upgrade either to Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 5 as soon as possible — they are both much faster and more secure.
  • I just downloaded a brand new browser. Why doesn't your site look right?

    Chances are, you have downloaded a beta product that is not in formal release. Check the version you are using against the supported browsers above. We will begin compatibility testing and strive to release fixes to our site before the final versions of the major browsers are released.
  • On certain parts of your site, why do I have to scroll horizontally to see the entire page?

    Our site is optimized for screen resolutions of 1024 X 768 and above. If your monitor is set to a lower resolution, chances are you will not be able to view every TradeKing page in its entirety. Try changing your screen resolution to a higher setting.
  • Does TradeKing pass regulatory transaction fees to its customers?

    Certain regulators impose transaction fees to cover their costs of regulating the brokerage industry. The fees are passed through to customers as part of normal transaction processing. These fees will appear as a line item called "Estimated Fee" during order entry and will also be listed on your trade confirmations as a "Transaction Fee" or an "Additional Fee." Below is a list of fees that will apply:

    Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fee This fee is levied on all security sales. The current rate is $21.80 for every $1,000,000 in sale proceeds. For a rough calculation of this fee, multiply $0.0000218 times your sale proceeds.


    Sale Proceeds = $10,000 Current SEC fee rate = $0.0000218 ($21.80 per $1 million in sale proceeds)
    Total SEC fee = $.22 ($10,000 x $0.0000218 = $.218)

    *** SEC fee rate is adjusted semi-annually. Rates shown as of February 16, 2016. Fee is rounded up to
    the nearest penny. ***

    Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) transaction fee (TAF) This fee is charged on all stock and ETF sales at a rate of $.000119 per share with a minimum charge of $0.01 and a maximum charge of $5.95. This fee is rounded up to the nearest penny. Bonds are also subject to a TAF fee and can be charged up to $0.75 per bond traded, regardless of the bond's par value.

    Options Regulatory fee (ORF) This fee is charged on ALL option trades, including both buys and sells. As of February 6, 2017, the aggregate rate is $0.0431 per contract. This rate will vary from year to year depending on industry volume and the total fee will be rounded to the nearest penny.

    The ORF fee is composed of the following individual exchange's rates:

    BZX (BATS): $0.0009
    BOX: $0.0038
    BX: $0.0004
    C2: $0.0015
    CBOE: $0.0081
    EDGX: $0.0004
    ISE: $0.0039
    GEMINI: $0.0010
    MIAX: $0.0045
    MIAX PEARL: $0.0010
    NOM: $0.0021
    NYSE AMEX: $0.0055
    NYSE ARCA: $0.0055
    PHLX: $0.0045
  • Does TRADEKING pass through exchange fees on single listed index options?

    Yes. For execution of certain single listed index options we pass through exchange fees of 35 cents per contract in addition to the regular commission. To see the full list of index options that incur additional fees click here.
  • How will my account(s) be affected by the inactivity charge?

    Why does TradeKing have an Inactivity Charge?

    We are a brokerage built specifically for traders. Traders with active accounts make it possible for us to offer our low price, award-winning* customer service, leading tools, and our free streaming platform. In order for us to make these benefits available to everyone, inactive clients who have not traded for an entire year and have a combined household account value of less than $2,500 will incur the annual Inactivity Charge.

    How do you define a household?

    We look at your household relationship to determine if the Inactivity Charge is applicable. We take the combined account value and trading activity across all the accounts in your household. Accounts that share the same tax ID are eligible for your "household." A joint account is known by the primary account holder's tax ID.

    I have multiple accounts under one household. Will I incur multiple Inactivity Charges?

    No. If you have multiple accounts, the Inactivity Charge will be limited to one of those accounts per year. You will only incur the Inactivity Charge if the combined household value of all your accounts is less than $2,500 AND you have placed no commission-charged trades in the past 12 months in any of the accounts.

    How does the Inactivity Charge work if I have multiple accounts?

    We combine the account balance and trades from all of your household accounts to determine if the Inactivity Charge will be applied.

       • Here are some examples where you would not incur the Inactivity Charge:

           – The combined household value is $2,600. You have made 0 commission-charged trades
              in the last 12 months.

           – The combined household value is $2,300. You have made 1 commission-charged trade
              in the last 12 months.

       • Here is an example where you would incur the Inactivity Charge:

           – The combined household value of all your accounts is $2,300. You have made 0
              commission-charged trades in the last 12 months.

    If I have multiple account types, which account will be charged?

    If you have multiple accounts, the accounts will be charged in this order. Again, only one of these accounts would be charged once every 12 months.

       1. Margin Account
       2. Cash Account (non-retirement)
       3. IRA Account

    How is household balance calculated for the Inactivity Charge?

    We will review the combined balance across all the accounts in your household. If your household account value is at least $2,500 at the time of review, you will not incur the Inactivity Charge. The review is performed 12 months after your initial funding date, followed by assessments thereafter any time there has been no commission-charged trading activity for a one-year period in the account.

    How can I avoid the Inactivity Charge?

    You can easily avoid the Inactivity Charge by maintaining the combined balance across all your accounts at $2,500 or more. You can also avoid it by placing commission-charged trades on any of your accounts. Click here for instructions on how to add funds to your existing account(s), or for instructions on how to transfer an additional account from your household to TradeKing.

    When will the Inactivity Charge be debited from my account?

    The Inactivity Charge will be debited the first week of the month following the applicable 12-month review. For example, if you funded your account on December 1st, 2011 the account will be reviewed for the necessary criteria during the first week of December 2012. If you have not placed a trade during those 12 months and your combined household account balance is below $2,500, then you will be subject to the charge. Any time an additional 12 month period passes with no commission-charged trade activity in the accounts in your household you will again be subject to the annual charge.

  • Can I electronically sign a form?

    TradeKing does not accept forms that are signed electronically. We require all forms to be signed by pen to paper, also referred to as a wet signature.