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Trading Terms Starting With Q

  • QQQQ

    ticker symbol for the Nasdaq-100 Index Tracking Stock, an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), sometimes referred to as "The Qs", "Triple Qs" or "Quad Qs".
  • Qualified institutional investor

    an institutional investor permitted under Securities and Exchange Commission rules to trade privately-placed securities with other qualified institutional investors without registering the securities with the SEC. See also Private placement.
  • Qualified retirement plan

    a retirement plan that meets IRS requirements for special tax treatment. Contributions and earnings are not taxed until paid out as distributions.
  • Quarterly cash dividend

    a regular dividend paid in cash on a quarterly basis (approximately every three months) by a company to its shareholders, the amount of which is determined in part by the company's profitability.
  • Quarterly report

    see Form 10-Q.
  • Quick ratio

    see Acid test ratio.
  • Quiet period

    see Cooling off period.
  • Quote / quotation

    see Bid-ask spread.