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Online Stock Market Research

Tips on how to conduct your own stock market research using online resources.

Investing was once considered too complicated and financially prohibitive for those outside of the financial elite. But thanks to the internet providing extensive stock investment news and data, the advent of discount online brokerage, and smarter technology, stock market investing has become accessible to the general public.

Do Your Own Stock Research and Analysis

Analyzing the financial health of publicly traded companies is key when choosing stocks to invest in.Without this critical element, many would feel they are simply throwing darts in the dark when buying stocks. However, through the internet, the average person can become an investor by looking over detailed market data and news for virtually any company in existence. By allowing investors to perform thorough stock analysis on their own, they become empowered. As such they develop into active participants in the stock market.

The ability to conduct your own research may increase confidence when executing your stock picking strategyTradeKing is an online brokerage firm that believes in empowering the investor. Their online platform boasts free market research, stock quotes, market news, stock charts, and many tools to aid online stock investors in the search for information.

While the internet has permanently changed the face of stock investing, the economy has also undergone a significant transformation. No longer can corporations simply focus on local economies only. These days they must also pay attention to world markets. The entire marketplace has become an intricate and intertwined global system. As such, this has made an impact on stock investors all over the world. Even though the average online investor is analyzing US stocks, world news can greatly affect US stock prices.

Take Advantage of Low Commissions

In addition to increased access to stock market news and research, lower commissions have aided in the growing popularity of stock investment online. Full service brokers may charge hundreds of dollars for a simple stock investment. By using a discount online broker like TradeKing, the same trade may cost less than five bucks. But this is not the only way a TradeKing client may save money over traditional investing methods.

TradeKing uses smart order routing technology. This cutting-edge feature sends the investor's online stock order to the marketplace with the best available price, automatically. This is determined by that exchange's stock market quotes. By obtaining the lowest price for buyers or selling at the highest price for sellers, TradeKing clients have their investments working harder for them.

There are several stock markets to where an order may be sent. Two of them are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq Marketplace (NASDAQ). The NYSE is the oldest stock exchange in the world, consisting of a trading floor where brokers and traders come together to trade stocks, ETFs, options, and bonds. Trading on the Nasdaq stock market is done through an extensive network of computers and other communications equipment. Stocks, ETFs, and options are not bought and sold in a physical location, but rather on a virtual stock exchange.

As you can see stock market trading has changed for the better compared to the days of our parents and grandparents. TradeKing is an online broker which aids stock investors in deciding what is best for their money. What was once complicated and expensive is now straightforward and economical.

Why Choose TradeKing?

TradeKing is an online broker with a simple mission: we want to help investors like you become smarter, more empowered stock and options traders. At TradeKing we offer the same fair and simple price to all our clients - just $4.95 per trade, plus 65 cents per option contract. You'll trade at that price, no matter how often you trade, or how big or small your account may be.

In August 2007, SmartMoney Magazine rated TradeKing the best discount online broker for the second year in a row. The SmartMoney survey was based on criteria for commissions, interest rates, mutual funds, investment products, trading tools, banking amenities, research and customer service.

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