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Understanding how online brokers help investors access the stock market.

Trading the stock market is much quicker than it used to be, thanks to the advances of online trading. To many this has become known as the online stock market. Traders and investors alike can gain access to the online stock market through their online broker. In addition, not only is access to the stock market easier, it is also less expensive. Trades that may cost hundreds of dollars with a full service broker cost only a few dollars with TradeKing.

What do we mean by easier? No longer do you have to call a broker by phone to get stock quotes or to hear the latest market news. Now this information is available 24 hours a day through the internet and your online broker's stock market trading systems. Simply enter the stock symbol of interest into the quote box and get the latest market quotes and market data online.

The online trader or online investor often times conducts market research before placing a trade. This is in addition to obtaining investment news or stock prices online. Traders may want stock trading data such as volume of shares traded, high and low prices of the day, the quantity of the shares bid and offered and much more. TradeKing is a great source for this kind of stock market information.

Maybe your trading style takes a broader view approach and so you wish to research world market news. You can do this at TradeKing as well. In addition to this, TradeKing offers online stock charts, research reports and many other online trading resources. Gathering as much information as possible may help you determine better stock picks.

Even though you may be investing in stocks and options online, your order may still be going to a traditional trading floor. One such floor is the New York Stock Exchange. This is the premiere place where US stocks are traded. Another such trading venue is the Nasdaq Marketplace. The difference between these two stock exchanges is the NYSE is a physical location where many traders and brokers come together to do business. The Nasdaq Marketplace is a virtual stock exchange. The trading done on the Nasdaq is binding with real consequences, but it is done through a collection of electronic computer networks known as ECNs, telephones, and other communications equipment. It is sometimes referred to as the Nasdaq stock market.

Whether you want to research company news, get the latest world headlines, or learn how to protect your investments during the next bear market, TradeKing is the online broker to use. Get started today.

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TradeKing is an online stock and options broker with a mission to help investors like you become smarter, more empowered stock and options traders. At TradeKing we offer the same fair and simple price to all our clients - just $4.95 per trade, plus 65 cents per option contract. You'll trade at that price, no matter how often you trade, or how big or small your account may be.

In August 2007, SmartMoney Magazine rated TradeKing the best discount online broker for the second year running. The SmartMoney survey was based on criteria for commissions, interest rates, mutual funds, investment products, trading tools, banking amenities, research and customer service.

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