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At TradeKing, we understand that online option traders need access to reliable tools, real-time information and resources that provide a ongoing education on how to trade options. We also know that the cost of trading options can add up quickly. That’s why we strive to offer simple, fair pricing for stock and option trades. One look at the comparison chart below and we think you’ll agree.

Read on to find out more about our pricing, option trading tools, education and more. When you’re ready, you can open your free TradeKing account.

Below are just a few of the reasons Barron's has ranked TradeKing among the "Best for Options Traders" since 2008*

Low cost options trading

We offer the same low, everyday price to everyone: Just 65 cents per contract, plus a base of $4.95.

Comparison for trade of 10 option contracts ++Commissions and fees as of 06/11/2012.

Take advantage of this flat rate no matter how often you trade or the size of your account.

What about spread trades? At TradeKing, spread trades are charged for only a single leg of the trade. Whether it's a two-, three- or four-leg option trade, you will pay only one base charge.

Powerful tools for option traders

You’ll find virtually everything you need to trade options intelligently here. From options scanners, dynamic options chains, to Probability Calculator and P+L Calculator, plus our streaming platform TradeKing LIVE, we’ve got you covered.

Our trading platform makes trading options online – including advanced options order a snap.

Ongoing education for option traders

The best traders are always learning. TradeKing’s Education Center features an extensive Options Center, a Rookie’s Corner, hundreds of informative videos, a free online webinar series, and our Options Guy blog. Whether you're just beginning to learn how to trade options online or you're a seasoned options trader, you’ll find insights and ideas here.

Outstanding customer service

Remember old-fashioned customer service? TradeKing does. Contact us with your questions – we’re glad to help. See why Barron’s calls our service “terrific” and Smart Money ranks us #1 for service year after year*.

Dynamic trader network

Why trade alone? Share trading experiences, fresh opportunities and lessons learned. View the latest trading activity and filter to only view the latest option trades. If you’re eager to understand options trading better, you’ve come to the right place.

Already trading options at another online brokerage? Switch to TradeKing today and receive up to $150 in reimbursed transfer fees.˜

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