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Getting Started Trading Stocks

An understanding of the basics is vital for any new stock trader.

By the time many investors begin to dabble in the markets, they're already out of college and devoted to making a living in the professional world. So going back and getting a "formal" stock trading education just isn't feasible for many would-be investors. Fortunately, the Internet can be a virtually limitless source of knowledge for novice and advanced traders alike. Nowadays, investors have an unprecedented opportunity to expand their knowledge and become profitable traders - without obtaining a formal stock trading education.

For investors want to learn how to trade stock online, a more informal, self-directed stock trading education tends to be the way to go. It's important where the trader takes on volumes of diverse trading literature can be a great way to get involved in the trading community and to get a foothold on the investment ladder, without having to go to college.

Getting A Stock Trading Education The Hard Way

Many professional traders begin with degrees in business or related fields such as law and accounting. Such formal education enables traders to obtain an understanding of how businesses work, and gain an appreciation for commercial enterprises. These graduates then enter training programs with large investment institutions, which further their understanding and competencies within the trading environment.

But their real education only begins once they start to trade. Theories, formulae and trading models are all fine and dandy. But the best type of stock trading education can only come through experience, by placing your own trades and seeing how securities move in the real world. It's only through the rewards of profit and the punishment of loss that your lessons can begin to take root. So don't be afraid of getting burned a few times when you're getting started with your stock trading strategy, or quit as a result of making one or two bad trades. It's a natural part of the learning process.

Learning from Better Traders

Another element of the basics of stock trading is to further your growth by studying the theories and understand the concepts and strategies proposed by the very best traders. Don't hesitate to shell out a few bucks for the classic boks on investment strategies. You can find a list of suggested reading in the TradeKing online investment education center.

Analyzing the thoughts and ideas of more experienced traders is an important way to get a firm grip on the stock trading basics. Then, the trader can begin to learn by doing, investing as he goes in an effort to learn the ropes. Both reading the theory and learning by doing are important parts of your education. You simply can't have one without the other. And both can assure a solid grounding in the fundamentals of investment and profitable trading.

Developing your trading style

The particular stock trading style you opt for will come about naturally as a consequence of your stock trading education. Whether you've had a formal stock trading education or it's the result of your own independent research, the books you've read and the investors whose styles you admire can't help but influence your unique trading methods.

Some traders prefer to take a longer-term "buy and hold" approach to investing, while others may favor a short term trading strategy like swing trading, scalping or day trading.

TradeKing is the ideal online trading platform to support your stock trading education, particularly for those learning the basics and starting out for the first time. We offer a wide selection of valuable resources in our Education Center, which are free to all account holders. There you'll find webinars, blogs, trading articles, the online edition of The Options Playbook, and much more.

Furthermore, compared to most online brokers, TradeKing offers extremely low transaction costs, designed to enable smaller-scale traders viable access to the markets. Additionally, TradeKing provides traders with the stock market analysis trading strategies to form investment decisions as part of an ongoing stock trading education.

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