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Account Management

Account Summary

Account Summary

View a snapshot of important account information here — including balances, order status, holdings and more. You can also customize the layout of this page to make it relevant to your objectives with just a few mouse clicks in your User Settings.



View changes in your account values, including cash, securities and buying power — all in real time, every time.

Holdings Summary


Here, you can view and sort all of your stock, options, ETF, mutual fund and fixed income positions, and see how each of your trades are performing at a glance. The "Power Button" Power Menu Icon lets you jump directly to Trading Screens, Option Chains, News and Charts for any security in your portfolio. You can even post a note to yourself regarding a particular position as a reminder of targets, earnings, stops, and more.

Holdings Options Summary

Holdings Option View

Your holdings "Option View" as the name implies, shows you only the option securities in your account. See current prices, plus implied volatility and the Greeks for each individual option leg, along with position totals for multi-leg trades. You can even choose to pre-populate the trading screen for an entire option strategy with just a few clicks of your mouse. Now, that's versatility.



View and sort historical account activity on this screen, including trading activity, dividends received, and records of money moving into and out of your accounts. You can sort and group your account activity by clicking on the column headings. Or use the Advanced Search feature to focus on a specified date range or symbol.

Order Status

Order Status

Check the status of all open and recently executed trades here, or sort transactions by Symbol, Duration, Security, Date, Status and Price. Click on the blue Power Button to the right of an order to quickly cancel or change an open order.

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