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Account Funding

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The Fastest Way » Wire Funds

If you're in a hurry to make a trade or get cash into your account, wire transfers are the way to go. Use this easy process, and you'll be ready to trade in a matter of hours.

The Most Complete Way » Account Transfer

If you're transferring an account from another broker, you'll need to submit an account transfer form, along with a current brokerage statement. Account transfer forms can be downloaded here.

The Classic Way » Sending A Check

We accept personal checks, banker's checks and cashier checks.

The Electronic Way » ACH Transfer

Many clients prefer to set up an ACH Transfer account and transfer funds electronically, which you can do directly from the TradeKing website.

And Three Simple Ways to Make A Withdrawal

Getting money out of your TradeKing account is hassle-free. You can withdraw funds via:

  • Request a check
  • ACH transfer
  • Wire transfer

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