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In 2005, we were the first online broker to create an online trading network where investors can connect with one another, share experiences, ideas and strategies, see what others are trading and how they are performing. Many traders join each month. We think you should be next. Here's why.

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See the most actively traded stocks and options at TradeKing. Check out the most widely held securities. Watch a live stream of trades as they are being placed. And observe trading volume across the entire market. We put it all at your fingertips.

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Blogs give you a virtual soapbox from which you can share your rants, raves, opinions, strategies, outlooks and more. Find out what fellow traders are saying. Get detailed insights from industry experts like Larry McMillan, Doc Maher, Dan Sheridan and Nicole Wachs. Delve deep into the world of trading options online with our very own Options Guy, Brian Overby, and much more.

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Buying or selling a security? With our Trade Note feature, you can tell your fellow traders why, and find out what other investors were thinking when they made their latest trades by reading their trading notes.

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Are you a beginning trader? Value investor? Focused on fundamental or technical analysis? An options geek? No matter what kind of trader you are, this is the place to get to know others who share your trading style and join in on the discussions that interest you most.

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No matter what the topic is and whatever your opinion, you're free to express yourself and interact with other traders in our trading forums.

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