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Comparing TradeKing vs. TD Ameritrade

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? TradeKing consistently ranks among the top online brokers in the industry - yet it has among the lowest prices. In fact, you can save an average of 40% on commissions for stock and options trades at TradeKing compared with TD Ameritrade (Based on an equity trade and a 10 contract option trade)1.

In fact, according to NerdWallet and here's how we stack up.*
Ameritrade Comparison
Commissions and fees from published web sites as of 12/17/2015. Some brokers may offer more competitive fees than the ones published if certain balances or level of activity are met. Please contact each broker individually to confirm their commission schedule. GTC orders: Partial executions received on different trading days will be charged separate commissions.

Yes, TradeKing will save you money, but why not give yourself an upgrade in service too? gave us 4-stars for customer service in their last two annual broker rankings.*

Plus, TradeKing's clean, easy-to-use interface and powerful research tools make trading simple. TradeKing also connects you to other traders through our online Trader Network. Get feedback on trading ideas, learn new trading strategies and tap into real trades in our Trade Notes section. TD Ameritrade doesn't offer a Trader Network to rival that.

We believe TradeKing's value beats TD Ameritrade any day - but don't take our word for it. Transfer your account now and experience the difference yourself. It takes just a few minutes, plus we'll reimburse up to $150 in any transfer fees charged by TD Ameritrade.

We stack up pretty well against other online brokers as well. Check out our E*Trade, Fidelity, Schwab, optionsXpress, and Scottrade comparison pages to see how TradeKing compares to each. We think you'll like what you find!

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